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Help getting started with Eagle Tofino

Here are a couple of resources that may be helpful in getting started with Tofino:

(1) The first section of the CMP user guide is entitled "15 steps to a secure control system." This is a great step-by-step introduction to setting up a Tofino, modelling your control network, configuring some firewall rules and then testing the rules before deployment.

Please note that the Tofino is an Ethernet bridge (like an Ethernet switch) with no IP address, so to discover the Tofino as described in the tutorial, you must connect it between your CMP computer and another device that DOES have an IP address. Additionally, when you perform the "Tofino Discovery" as described in the tutorial, the IP address that you should scan is the IP address of the device BEHIND the Tofino (opposite side of the Tofino from your CMP computer).

(2) We have some tutorial videos on Youtube that provide a basic introduction to Tofino, and give examples of configuring the key security modules. These videos are accessible at the bottom of the following web page (look for "TV201" through "TV205"):