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Downloading Support Info

Collecting Data

The first piece of support information required is the data from the device. This is done by a USB save.

USB Save

Perform a USB Save on the Tofino SA to save event log and diagnostic information from the hardware to a USB storage device.

  • Insert the USB storage device into the USB port.
  • Press the Save/Load/Reset button once.

1. The second piece of the support information is the Tofino Configurator, configuration file.

With the software opened, click on the disk drop down arrow as highlighted below and select save as.

2. Browse to a location that will be easy to find and click save. 

3. Below is a screen shot of all of the files that will be collected.

4. For easy upload you can zip the 6 files as shown below. The highlighted files would need to be uploaded to the ticket separately.

5. Upload the requested files to your ticket located here in the ticketing system.