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How can new Tofino (ordered Q2/2015 or later) be managed? - Kennisbank / Tofino - Tofino Security Support Center

How can new Tofino (ordered Q2/2015 or later) be managed?

This notice is to inform you that the existing MAC Address range used for Tofino Xenon will run out in the coming days. Once the existing MAC Address range expires the new MAC address numbers will be used for all the Tofino Xenon appliances.
The newly supported MAC Address range provides an additional 4096 entries in the range of:
70:B3:D5:83:80:00 to 70:B3:D5:83:8F:FF
However, this new MAC Address range is not configured in the existing version of Tofino Configurator management software. Tofino Configurator version 02.0.06 or earlier will not recognize the Tofino appliance with the MAC Address from the above new range. Accordingly, the Tofino Configurator software is now updated and a new version “02.0.07” will be released and uploaded on the Tofino Security website.
Therefore, existing customers using version 02.0.06 or earlier MUST upgrade to 02.0.07 in order to manage newly ordered Tofino Xenon appliances with new MAC Address number.
The latest Tofino Configurator (Part Number: 942 016-118) version can be downloaded from the Tofino Security website: https://www.tofinosecurity.com/support/tofino-hirschmann