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How to perform a factory reset on the Eagle Tofino - Base de Conhecimento / Tofino - Tofino Security Support Center

How to perform a factory reset on the Eagle Tofino

A factory reset clears all configuration data and certificates on the Tofino device, and resets it to a completely passive mode that will allow all network traffic to be bridged through the device.

A factory reset is accomplished by pressing the "S/L/R" button THREE times. Each time the button is pressed, one of the data activity lights (just above the button) will change to YELLOW to indicate which function (save, load, or reset) is about to be performed on the device. Once the button has been pressed THREE times, and all three LEDs are yellow, wait for a few seconds until all front panel LEDs start to flash together. This flashing pattern indicates that the reset is being performed. When the lights stop flashing and go back to their default functions, the reset is complete and the device will be in its factory default state.

It can be somewhat difficult to explain this procedure over a telephone call or e-mail, so a Youtube video was created to demonstrate the procedure. The video may be viewed with this link: