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I can't discover my Eagle Tofino with CMP's Tofino Discovery feature! - Base de Conhecimento / Tofino - Tofino Security Support Center

I can't discover my Eagle Tofino with CMP's Tofino Discovery feature!

Sometimes when starting with Tofino, users have difficulty "discovering" the Tofino devices on the network. Here are some tips and common problems for this step:

(1) The Tofino itself does not have an IP address. To communicate with a Tofino, there must be at least one device BEHIND the Tofino that does have an IP address. When we perform a Tofino discovery, we are scanning the IP address of the device(s) BEHIND the Tofino, not the Tofino itself.

(2) If the Tofino appliance is not brand new (ie a loaner or demo unit), it may have arrived with a configuration already loaded into it. In this case, it will only respond to discovery requests from the same CMP computer that configured it. The solution is to perform a factory reset on the Tofino device. Here is a Youtube video that shows how to do it:

(3) If the Windows firewall on the CMP computer is enabled, it may be blocking the "heartbeat" messages coming back from the Tofino devices. Exceptions should be enabled in the Windows firewall, and Tofino CMP should be listed as an exception (ie - enabled to send and receive network traffic).

(4) If there is a router or firewall between the CMP computer and the Tofino, it must be configured to allow management traffic to pass between them. Also, if it performs any port translation on the traffic coming back from the Tofino to the CMP then Tofino Discovery may not work. Check Tofino application note no 112 for more details: